What is E-Invoice?

E-Invoice (or: electronic invoicing) is a relatively new way how businesses can save time and money with minimal effort.

In a nutshell, E-Invoice can tremendously speed up your invoicing process plus you will be able to save money but it too.

e-invoice-advantagesHow does electronic invoicing work?

Electronic invoicing may sound complicated at first but let me assure you it is not.

For you as a business owner, the only difference is how and where-to you will send your invoices.

You will still create your invoice service as usual but rather than mailing them out you will email your invoice to an electronic invoice service provider such as CloudTrade.

The electronic invoice service will receive your PDF invoice, converts it into a digital format and will then send the invoice to your recipient on your behalf.

From your end, using electronic invoicing is as easy and straightforward as using email. The addition of that, there is no requirement for any type of special equipment either.

The time savings that come with electronic invoicing are coming from the fact that will be able to instantly receive and send your invoices plus you won’t have to type in data from paper invoices into your computer system.

The management of invoices is also made a lot easier since all your invoicing data is now easily accessible from one central location.

The costs for switching to electronic invoicing are also very low. But of the time, the electronic invoice provider will only charge a small fee for their services. Taking into account cost and time savings, this fee is usually negligible.